Looking for the latest modern interior design trends to inspire your decorating schemes this year?

If there is one way to describe the modern interior design trends of 2020, it’s anything goes.

While our personal lives may need a bit of refreshing, our homes deserve the same kind of attention too. Remodeling and infusing your spaces with what’s trendy can be tricky, but we’ve got you covered.

Blue is the new gray

Classic Blue Kitchen

A trend that has been slowly creeping up on us. We never thought it would happen but our love for gray and beige has been pushed out by blue in a lot of residential spaces. 

We expect to see bolder, darker colors used in place of neutrals in the home this year. The 2020 color for modern interior design is called Classic Blue, and it’s just that: a classic blue. 

Classic Blue Pantone
Pantone Classic Blue – Color Of The Year 2020

It’s clean and elegant but it’s also really uplifting and a really easy color to incorporate into your home. It can offer a sense of calm and tranquility, while still feeling traditional enough to use in dining rooms or living areas.

Two toned kitchens

Say goodbye to stark white kitchens! The iconic designs we’ve been seeing so much of will be slowly phased out in favor of two-tone kitchens instead. 

Two toned modern kitchen

We’re seeing a pretty even mix of two colors, along with blending wood with color to either lighten what otherwise might be a rustic feel, or to add a bit of pop.

Think woody, creamy, or neutral colored cabinets below and a darker, dramatic color for the upper cabinets, or viceversa.

Floor to ceiling windows and doors

A nod to the trend of embracing the outdoors. Filling our spaces with natural light and feeling a connection to nature by seemingly merging a house with its natural surroundings.

Floor Ceiling Windows

Ok, we can easily see why everyone is obsessed with them. The open look definitely taps into the natural trend that’s still going strong, plus they’re a great way to bring a ton of light into our space.

Peaceful and tranquil hues

From soft pink hues to pastel green shades, many interior designers picked neutral-inspired tones as their 2020 paint colors. 

The story behind the color palette is all about ‘the nation’s mood on the approach of a new decade and how we feel about living in a world so technologically advanced we are starting to feel disconnected from one another.

Peaceful Hues palette

While bolder choices like “classic blue” are still on the rise, muted colors are quickly creeping in throughout the home. Plus, a muted paint color can be a great way to replace standard white or gray tones without going over the top with color.

Curved furniture

The 60’s furniture trends are having a big comeback right now. And while most of the trends from that era are hard to swallow. The curved forms we are seeing in furniture harken back to that time and can be really fun and modern if done tastefully.

60's Curved Furniture

Curved sofas and high-back armchairs in gorgeous rich velvets give an instant glamorous vibe. It can also make a statement even in the most simple of spaces. 

Without a doubt a major comeback of curved, sculptural furniture, especially when it comes to upholstery.

Natural Luxury

More natural materials with a luxurious spin like marble finishes in bathrooms and kitchens. Also, marble accents such as vases and bowls are having a great impact in design.

Natural Interior Design

We’ll continue to see people look for ways to connect with nature in their homes through houseplants, natural materials like cane, raffia, rustic woods and, of course, greenery.

Textures are a big deal

2020 trends aren’t all just about color, we are also seeing texture being used to add interest to rooms too. A look that has taken more strength is layering up different textures in the same, or very similar colors.

Room with various textures

In a modern living room, cushions and blankets are an obvious way of doing this but in other rooms. Try bringing in textures with plants (dried flowers for instance) prints and well curated knick knacks.

This trend is perfect for those who are big on neutrals, a perfect way to accent without the need of using too many colors.

Don’t be afraid of patterns

Pattern, especially layered patterns are becoming more prevalent for wallpapers and textile designs.

Instead of sticking to minimalist and neutral colors, we’ve seen more and more homeowners will mix and match textures and patterns to offer more visual interest.

Design Patterns In Living Room

Pattern matching, where the same pattern flows from the wall to upholstered furniture or bedding, is also becoming more common. The key to this trend is that there aren’t any rules!

Apparently, 2020 has a lot more design surprises prepared for us, trends tend to evolve and combine to establish new looks and get amazing results. Don’t be afraid to experiment and give your home a look and feel that reflects your essence.