With so many digital or smart showers on the market, you may be wondering which is right for your bathroom remodeling project. We’ll walk you through the main features and benefits of installing a smart shower panel in your bathroom.

Bathroom remodeling: what is a shower panel?

A shower panel is described as basically a wall-mounted panel that possesses a myriad of peculiarities. All with the aim of assisting you in getting thoroughly clean.

Such features include massaging jets which scatter all over the panel, body sprays, or a showerhead and wand in some cases. It is primarily present in walk-in showers.

When we talk about bathroom design in totality, the deciding factors are usually money, creativity, and bathroom space.

Benefits of smart & digital showers

Many people are discovering the joy and ease of use that a smart or digital shower brings. 

Gone are the days of pacing showers, burning or chilling your hands while you regulate the thermostat, and guessing the rate of your water flow. It’s time for your bathroom remodeling project to go digital. 

As if connected fridges, voice activated lights and smart doorbells aren’t enough, the evolution of digital and smart showers is turning an everyday task into something far more luxurious.

Benefits include:

Easy-to-use controls – no fiddling and fine-tuning with knobs or dials

Reliable, thermostatic temperature – enjoy the same experience every time

Built-in safety features – keeping you and your whole family safe

What is a digital shower?

Digital showers work essentially in the same way as mixer showers. They draw hot and cold water together, mixing them inside the digital receiver until they reach the perfect temperature. 

Controlled by a thermostat, this means there will be no random spikes in temperature and they are far more accurate than simple mixer showers.

The main difference between a digital shower and a common mixer shower is the use of electrical power to control elements such as water temperature, flow and your choice of outlet.

Some digital showers even have displays and LEDs so you can see exactly what temperature your water is. And some can be operated via remote control, so you could even switch your morning shower on from the warmth and comfort of your bed.

What is a smart shower?

Smartening the water in your bathroom can take several forms. Let’s start with shower systems. A smart shower could mean an entire system or just a connected shower head.

The capabilities of a smart shower are much greater than those of a digital shower. With many different applications and uses that can help keep family members safe and make your home work “smarter”, by aiding more efficient use.

How to pick a shower panel tower?

In selecting a shower panel tower, one must endeavor to take certain factors into consideration. Such factors include:


Design remains and will always be a significant aspect to bear in mind while shopping for a shower panel. The design of the shower panel is essential and can differ based on your bathroom renovation intentions. 

These panels, whether digital or smart can be found in a varied number of materials. Which range from durable metal and tempered glass to plastic and wood.

Keep in mind that the right design can boost the overall appearance of your bathroom, bestowing a perfect touch of grandeur and class.


Money remains a major factor to consider when acquiring a piece of luxury facilities, nevertheless, you must not let it be the only defining factor when shopping for the perfect shower panel for your bathroom remodeling project.

While purchasing a shower panel, go for one which fits in your budget and has each of the features that you desire.

Desirable Options

What do you really want? Are you the sort for rainfall showers, misting sprays, massage jets, and the likes?

Some panels come with a shower wand to support with directing the circulation of water where required. Certain panels have been paired with a built-in bathtub filler, to be installed above a bathtub. 

Temperature controls are constructed directly into your shower facilities. This has sometimes failed to prevent scalding in the past. However, one among many creative approaches has given rise to shower panels that come with colored LED temperature displays. 

Based on the temperature of the water at each instance, the color of the LED display changes.

Water Flow And Spray

Smart showers often come with many different settings for the water flow and spray. You can choose options like a rain shower, high pressure, and water saving mode. All of these can be adjusted through voice command to make life a lot easier.

Material construction

The stainless steel makeup utilized by many shower panels is resistant to scraping and rust, as well as warp, dents, and temperature-induced volume fluctuations (due to cold and hot temperatures). 

Keep in mind, the construction does not mean design. The construction of the shower panels help ensure they will not fail you in the long run while the design will determine the look your shower panel will give to your bathroom. The construction of the panel supplies durability, balance, and flexibility.

The Future Of Smart Bathrooms

As we turn more of our lives over to smart devices, we’ll start to get comfortable with the convenience they offer. Something as simple as a smart shower head could truly transform your home and make your time in the bathroom like nothing you’ve ever experienced before.

Obviously, there’s no real need for a smart shower at this stage where a quality shower head will do the trick for you bathroom remodeling project. But if you can afford the luxury then it’s a nice treat.

Smart homes are definitely the way of the future, so it’s amazing to think about what other aspects of our life can be transformed with a few new innovative pieces of tech.